Am I really locked inside a room?
Yes.  Don’t worry though if your team does not escape the room in 60 minutes, we are legally required to let you out of the room.

Do I need to purchase all the tickets for the room?
Absolutely not… you will be teamed up with other people in the same game.

What if I want only my group in the room?
No problem… just find a date and time with all the tickets available and purchase all the tickets.  If you need special accommodations, just call or email us.

Do I need any prior puzzle solving experience?
Nope, you do not need any special skills or knowledge to solve the puzzles.  Just come to have a good time, be creative and curious.

Are there age restrictions?
Yes. We recommend the game for those eleven years and older. Kids eleven to fifteen need to have a paying chaperone present in the room at all times. This may vary by location.

Wait! can I get a refund?
We do not allow refunds. All sales are final. Please email us within 48hours to receive a credit. 

Can I document my escape experience?                                                                                       Filming or pictures of any kind is restricted in all of our rooms we like to keep our rooms a secret. We take your photo in our costume room at the end of your escape. 

I'm running late, is there a grace period?                                                                                                    Yes. There is a 5 mins grace period but we prefer to start all of our rooms on time. After the 5 min grace period has expired you will be asked to reschedule for a different time or day. So please be on time or expect to be bumped. 

I just can't make my appointment and I want to schedule for another day. Can I do that?
Yes! you may send an email of the new time and day you would like to swap to (please provide the details of your original appointment), you can call and have an associate do it for you, or you can change it yourself via the link on your confirmation. This may vary by location.

Corporate Events
Solving our games requires good teamwork, observation, problem-solving and communication skills.  Escape This Live is the perfect activity for corporate groups who want their employees to get to know one another, have fun and improve their teamwork and problem solving skills.  Email your nearest location for more information. 

Special Events
Want to host your special event such as a birthday, bachelorette/ bachelor party or just a friendly get together at Escape This Live?  Email your nearest locations and we can help make your experience special and tailored to the amount of people in your group. What a private party entails varies based off of location please contact your local escape room for details.