The Treasure of

dungeon rock

One room.  One Group. One hour.

One Goal = Escape

Do you know the legend of Dungeon Rock?  Legend has it that Dungeon Rock is the safest place for a treasure chest.  You and your crew must get the treasure chest inside of Dungeon Rock and blast the the mouth of the cave closed before the British Soldiers catch you. This room is not yet rated.



“My brain is the key that sets my mind free” – Harry Houdini


You thought you were here to see a magic show… little did you know that you were about to become part of the show.  You and your team will have one hour to escape this bizarre magic show… can you do it?


Wild west saloon

Sometimes too much drink is never enough"- Mark Twain. You and your rowdy Posse of Outlaws are at it again. Making your way through the Wild Wild West you stumble upon this drinking hole. Can you make it out with the loot? You have 60 minutes before the sheriff stops by for a drink.    Max. of 10 people. This room currently has an 18% escape rate.