Queen Anne's Revenge

Step aboard The Queen Anne's Revenge. Pilfer and plunder your way through Blackbeard's beloved vessel but hurry!  History's most notorious and nefarious Pirate will return! Can you escape with his treasures? You have 60 minutes to find the pirates booty and escape!   Max. of 10 players.   This room currently has a 24% escape rate.



The invitations were delivered.  The guests have arrived.  The host has been MURDERED! Killed in cold blood.  You were seen arguing heatedly with each other yesterday, YOU have suddenly become the prime suspect!  Of course, you know you’re innocent...But the only way to PROVE IT is to find out who the REAL murderer is!  

You have been given access to the scene of the crime for one hour.  You must decipher the clues, solve the puzzles, and unravel the mystery behind Danny's death. 

The police will be at the apartment in 60 minutes to take you away… You need to find out who the murder is – and escape the apartment yourself - before they arrive!  This room currently has a 26% escape rate.


Wild west saloon

Sometimes too much drink is never enough"- Mark Twain. You and your rowdy Posse of Outlaws are at it again. Making your way through the Wild Wild West you stumble upon this drinking hole. Can you make it out with the loot? You have 60 minutes before the sheriff stops by for a drink.    Max. of 10 people. This room currently has an 18% escape rate.